EnergyRated Windows & Doors

With modern design, utilising quality seals & hardware componentry, TRU-BLU window and door products meet the high demands for energy efficiency and weather performance in today’s market.

Some key features to consider with regard to energy efficiency include:


One important and very practical reason to select TRU-BLU high performance windows is to reduce the annual cost of heating and cooling your home. This makes good economic sense and also contributes to the national effort to reduce the environmental impact of non-renewable energy use.

Good Sealing of Sash and Frame

Heat leaves or enters a home through gaps and cracks around sashes and frames. WERS-rated windows must satisfy Australian Standard AS 2047-1999 for air infiltration performance. Windows and doors easily exceed the requirements of the Standard and achieve air leakage rates less than 0.5 litres per second per square metre of window area. Various seal types are used to help achieve these better ratings.

Structural and Water Resistance

The hollow aluminium extrusions used in TRU-BLU windows and doors not only aid in their energy efficiency, but they give superior performance in water penetration resistance and structural rigidity. In addition, TRU-BLU windows and doors incorporate a baffle in the drainage system that allows water to flow out but restricts air flowing through the window or door frame. Therefore reducing the energy loss normally encountered through drain holes. The Difference between a window that just meets AS 2047 (5 L/s.m2 air infiltration) and a TRU-BLU window is approximately half a heating star. The effect on cooling performance is much less.

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One of the largest contributors of Energy Loss in the home is inefficient Window & Doors…

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