TRU-BLU Windows Pty Ltd is a family owned business established in 1979 which services the residential building industry through providing builders and home owners alike with a quality range of windows and doors.

We also offer onsite maintenance for existing installations and quotes for new installations on existing and proposed projects.

We only use quality products including those manufactured under the strictest Quality Systems from well know brands such as Viridian New World Glass, Wintec and Ullrich.

TRU-BLU Windows is an established business built on many years of excellent customer service, backed by industry reputation for quality and TRU-BLU Aussie service where and when you need it.

TRU-BLU has a range of glass options that help you:

  • Make your home more comfortable
  • Cut your energy costs
  • Reduce sun glare and noise
  • Make your home more energy efficient by reducing heat gain and loss during warm and cool months
  • Improve the security and safety of your home.

TRU-BLU offers a range of glass products:

  • Summer Comfort (VFloat Toned)
  • Winter Comfort (Thermotech)
  • All Seasons Comfort (ComfortPlus and Thermotech)
  • Home Security (IntruderGuard)
  • Reduced Noise (VLam Hush)
  • Home Safety (VLam)
  • Self Cleaning Windows (Renew)


» Thermal Break Technology
» Innovative technology
» Double glazing



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One of the largest contributors of Energy Loss in the home is inefficient Window & Doors…

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